Flower Care

Flower Care

To get the best out of your hand crafted bouquet we have these suggestions.

For flowers arranged in a container of wet foam

Place your arrangement in a convenient spot away from a window or air conditioner, and out of draughts. Mix your flower food sachet as per instructions on the packet and add water to the container, about ½ cup daily – a little more in very warm environments.

For wrapped bouquets.

When your flowers are delivered they will have a small block of wet sponge to keep them in condition for transit, which should be removed. Fill a clean vase around half to two thirds full with water mixed with the supplied flower food made as per instructions on the packet. Cut 1cm to 2cm from the base of each stem and placed into the prepared vase . Change the water and recut flower stems every 2 days for maximum flower life. ½ teaspoon each of bleach and sugar can be added to the fresh water.

Flowers delivered in a vase

These should be treated in the same way as wrapped bouquets

Enjoy your flowers!

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