Refund Policy

We would like you to be completely happy with your purchase from Bunch It With Country, and we do all we can to make sure this is so. We provide care instructions to help prolong the life of the flowers and to maximise your enjoyment of them.  We carefully select the flowers we send for you from our favourite growers and suppliers. We’re committed to quality.

However, flowers are a natural product and there may be times that they don’t perform as well as expected. Additionally, there are flowers that have a shorter vase life than others and some that can last for weeks. There are even some that can be planted in the garden and last forever once you’ve finished enjoying them as a cut flower!

As a general guide you can expect your flowers to last between 4 and 7 days and if for some reason they don’t last 4 days we would firstly like to apologise and then secondly rectify the situation by providing replacement flowers where appropriate.

Should your flowers not last 4 days or arrive damaged or not as ordered please contact us within 4 days of delivery of the flowers by phone (02)4647 9955. We would prefer to speak to you in person to decide what can be done. If you can take a photo to send to us we would be grateful as that allows us to see just what may be wrong. You can also contact us via our contact us page on our website.

After review, we may offer to send a replacement where appropriate together with an apology. Alternatively a refund may be issued. New flowers will be sent as soon as practical. If a refund is necessary it will be processed as per the original payment method and within 24 hours – please allow time for confirmation to appear on your bank/credit statement.


Please note, there may be times when specific flower varieties will be unavailable due to seasonal factors as well as occasions when we deem the quality of the available supply is diminished and not suitable for our clients. In these circumstances substitute flowers (of equal or greater value) will need to be used. Any substitution will be made in keeping to the design of your selection.

In a situation where we feel the look and style of flowers would be too different to your original selection we will contact you to determine how you would like us to proceed, unless the flowers are for a time critical occasion (birthday, anniversary etc) and we have been unable to contact you. In these situations we will send flowers that are of equal or greater value to those selected and which we believe are the best choice, based on your initial selection.  Please note that it is a rare occurrence for us to not have available a substitute flower(s) to keep to the original look of your selected design.

PLEASE NOTEOnline orders for Valentines Day end Thursday 11th February. Any order placed after this time will need to be made via phone.